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Introduction: Component-Based Software Engineering

Software Components

Recently, software component technology,which is based on building software systems from reusable components,has attracted attention because it is capable of reducing developmental costs. In a narrow sense,a software component is defined as a unit of composition, and can be independently exchanged in the form of an object code without source codes. The internal structure of the component is not available to the public.

The characteristics of the component-based development are the following:

It is natural to model and implement components in an object-oriented paradigm/language. Therefore, when understanding the component, the traditional techniques in the OO paradigm such like OO framework, design patterns, architecture patterns and meta-patterns are very important. WindowsDNA/COM+, CORBA, JavaBeans and EJB (Enterprise JavaBeans) are the component systems currently available. In detail, please check our technical paper at the following:

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